Construction Woes…

We knew there would be a lot of construction to get our KaPow space built out to our vision. Anyone who has done even a little remodeling probably is not surprised to hear that we’ve experienced many many…let’s call them obstacles. Literally.  Here’s one of the first:

20160317_160350 We were thrilled to finally have the demo of the space happen. Less thrilled when our general contractor called and said to meet him at the space, and lo and behold, we had a structural brace revealed to us. Who knew that something like this is required to help keep the building stable from the winds. Unfortunately it was in the wrong place and we decided we really needed to move it. This required the demo of the wall that you see in the photo which we were trying to keep, adding a new steel beam in the new location, and of course, more money.  On May 20th, the new structural brace was in place and the old one gone.

Meanwhile…our construction plans meandered through the Regional Building Department to obtain all the approvals needed to get a permit so our contractors could get started.  Our plans had to change a number of times, including when another “obstacle” appeared.  Due to the occupancy code we needed to use, it would require that we put a drinking fountain in the comic sales area. Really?  Yes. REALLY. Well a little research and a couple meetings later….we got a variance granted so we don’t really have to put a drinking fountain in the comic sales area.

20160517_114435Plans finally approved and the construction permit was pulled April 20th. We’re off to the races, right!  Well not so fast.  Did we mention there is a lot of construction to do?

The cement floor was cut open and dirt dug out to lay all our plumbing.  So for what seemed a really l20160519_103719ong time, there were dirt piles every where as the plumbing was getting set including our two internal grease interceptors (we had to get a variance for those too).

After the first inspection passed, the dirt went back into the ground and new cement poured on top.  So at least we didn’t have to avoid piles of dirt any more.

For the interior work, we now have walls framed and the rough in for plumbing and electricity is in progress.  Hopefully this week the drywall will go up.


If you drive by our space, the most visible work is the work on the drive-thru. The landlord’s contractor is working on putting in the drive thru which includes putting in a retaining wall, curbs, and the actual driveway. There were delays there too as they had to work with Colorado Springs Utilities to relocate the gas meters before they could begin installing the drive20160526_093933 thru.  They could be done by the end of next week!

So, for the many of our friends and family who keep asking if we’ve opened yet….. now you know why we haven’t.  Seems like there is a lot left to do.  There is!

Every day we try to check off one more thing as done.  Today, we hope to be open by early July.  Stay tuned…..




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