Closing on Mondays

Someone intelligent once said that change is inevitable. That is certainly true for us at KaPow! We have been blessed with many great team members since we opened, and we’ve recently had a couple more decide to move on to new opportunities – which has given us the opportunity to make some changes.

First, many of you probably know Caleb’s last day will be on March 20th which is also Women of Marvel trivia night.  This will be our last regular Trivia Night.  We may have some special trivia nights in the future and will communicate those as they are planned.

Seems like we just implemented new winter business hours, but here we go again making some changes to our hours.  These changes are about trying to make a living and not having to work an extraordinary amount of hours doing so.  We have decided not to replace Caleb’s position and KaPow will be closed on Mondays.  You’ll see Martin and Laura each working a weekend day covering the comic shop.  The first Monday we will be closed is April 1st (really no fooling!)

Some of our awesome former team members will be helping us out periodically for special events or when we need to take a day off.  So, you may see a new face (or maybe a familiar face) occasionally.

As we adapt to our changes, we hope that you will too.  Thank you to all our amazing customers for your continued support.  We appreciate your business and look forward to seeing you at KaPow!

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